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Review of Pieces of Her by Karen Slaughter

Pieces of Her is, in many ways, a departure from the typical crime thrillers that fans of Karin Slaughter have come to expect. Yet, it also retains the sharpness, depth, and suspense that are hallmarks of her writing.

In this novel, Slaughter introduces us to Andrea, a thirty-one-year-old woman who's struggling to find her place in the world, and her mother, Laura, who seems to lead a quiet, unassuming life. However, the story takes a sudden turn when a seemingly ordinary afternoon at the mall turns deadly, revealing Laura's hidden past.

Slaughter’s skill in character development is on full display in this novel. The dichotomy between Andrea's perception of her mother and the reality of Laura's past is astoundingly well-written. Laura, as the central character, is enigmatic and fascinating. The transformation from a humble speech pathologist to a woman with a dark past is nothing short of gripping.

The narrative structure of the book is commendable. Slaughter masterfully uses two timelines – the present and the 1980s – to slowly unravel the mystery. This non-linear narrative style adds to the suspense, as readers are left piecing together the clues alongside Andrea.

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