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5⭐️ Review by Emily Maynard


Reviewed by Emily Maynard

Anna wakes up after a night out celebrating the end of the fall semester at college with a feeling of dread. A call from her mother soon gives her the reason - her twin sister Sam is missing. Anna races home to Marble Hill. When her sister’s belongings give her no clues, she enlists the help of her Uncle Brokeback, the town’s drug kingpin and ex-convict, to get the local sheriff’s department to register Sam as a missing person. While they begin their inquiries, Anna starts her own investigation, going through the people and places in town that may have answers. As family relationships begin to show the strain, Anna takes comfort in still feeling a connection with Sam. When Sam’s clothes are found on a local hiking trail, it is clear that something has happened. While official investigators search the family’s trailer, Anna goes to talk to Old Man Stallings, who found the clothes. He can’t tell her much more than she already knows, but gives her some advice: “We’ve all got a capacity for meanness, and don’t trust no one.” Though I Walk by Clay Anderson follows Anna in her quest to find the truth. Will she remember the advice she was given? Or has she already chosen to trust the wrong person?

Though I Walk is a complex, thrilling novel that grips the reader’s attention right away. It contains vivid descriptions of Georgia and the small town of Marble Hill, creating the perfect backdrop for the unfolding drama. Clay Anderson beautifully captures the emotional development of each character in response to a loved one going missing and the ensuing difficulties they face. The realistic, evocative way these feelings and reactions are portrayed adds authenticity to the writing and makes it relatable to the reader on an instinctual level. The story moves swiftly, with each chapter focusing on one main event or occurrence before leading enticingly into the next. The plot is centered around Anna and Sam, but also branches out into their community, considering each person, the secrets they keep, and the lies they tell. This creates a layer of intrigue and helps to reinforce the ever-present idea that no one is above suspicion. Some potentially difficult themes are very prominent, including drug production, addiction, and misuse. As it’s set in a town dubbed ‘Meth Hill’ very early on, this is not altogether surprising. Clay Anderson doesn’t shy away from embracing these topics and uses them to add depth to each character’s backstory and the history of the small town itself. This is a captivating, powerful story that I found very difficult to put down. It is filled with suspense and mystery and kept me interested and engaged throughout. I highly recommend this book; it’s beautifully written, truly compelling, and a fantastic example of a thriller.

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